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Why Are Doctors Hiding the Truth From Their Patients?

In May of 2007, Esther and Gedalia Applegrad became the proud parents of a baby girl. Their little girl, however, suffered with brain damage and a seizure disorder, which the Applegrads claim is the direct result of mistake made by the doctors. They sued Valley Hospital in Ridgewood for malpractice, and asked the hospital to [...]

Patient Awarded $2.3 Million after Surgeon Fails to Treat an Infection

In 2010, a 52 year old man named John Antonucci had an MRI at Hudson Valley Radiology Associations. Part of the process for the MRI involved a routine injection. A few days later at Nyack Hospital, doctors took a culture and released him 25 minutes later. However, two days after that visit Mr. Antonucci was [...]

National Institute of Health to Study “Defensive” Medicine

“Defensive medicine” is the buzzword used by hospital administrators and insurance companies to describe the practice of overprescribing tests to avoid missing any underlying or potential medical conditions or injuries. For example, if a patient were to see a doctor for a routine physical, and the doctor performed not only his/her duties but also ordered [...]

Experimental Cancer Drug Doing Well in Phase I Clinical Trials

A new drug called AG-221 is being used in the treatment of patients with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML), a disorder which affects the blood cells in bone marrow. While the drug is still in Phase I of its trials, doctors seem optimistic about the results. Instead of destroying the leukemic cells, the drug forces them [...]

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