Failure to Diagnose

Recognizing Signs of Fetal Distress During Labor and Delivery

During the labor and delivery process, unborn babies should be consistently observed through electronic fetal monitoring and visual monitoring of the mother. Through diligent and proper observation, doctors and nurses can recognize signs of fetal distress, an umbrella term for issues that may cause your baby’s health to be in danger. Prompt and effective treatment [...]

Medical Malpractice vs. Common Risk

As medical malpractice lawyers, it often falls to us to help victims of medical malpractice obtain the compensation they need to move forward after an act of negligence or abuse leaves them seriously injured. Determining whether or not the circumstances surrounding your experience constitute malpractice or not is one of the most important things we [...]

Ebola Death: Is the Hospital to Blame?

The deadly Ebola virus has made its way to America, and Thomas Eric Duncan has become its first victim. There are a number of news outlets reporting on the death, and CNN has even compiled a list of seven reasons why his case differs from other Ebola cases – and most of those reasons hint [...]

Judge Sees the Justice in Awarding Malpractice Victim Full Amount

We write about tort reform and damage caps quite a bit, and how dangerous – and unfair – they are to medical malpractice victims. Recently, a Milwaukee County judge got it right when he declared that the entire $25.3 million dollar award should go to a woman who lost all four limbs as a result [...]

Patient Awarded $2.3 Million after Surgeon Fails to Treat an Infection

In 2010, a 52 year old man named John Antonucci had an MRI at Hudson Valley Radiology Associations. Part of the process for the MRI involved a routine injection. A few days later at Nyack Hospital, doctors took a culture and released him 25 minutes later. However, two days after that visit Mr. Antonucci was [...]

Chicago Area Doctor Fails to Advise Patient That He Still Had Cancer

One of the more commonly misdiagnosed forms of cancer is bladder cancer. It is particularly insidious because of its high rate of recurrence; patients often require multiple tests and follow-up treatments after the initial course of action. Many patients have surgery to remove the cancerous tumors, but people with an aggressive, invasive form of the [...]

Medical Negligence and HIV Misdiagnoses

Any misdiagnosed disease or condition can be deadly because the conditions are left untreated or receive the wrong treatment. For people who are given a false-negative diagnosis for HIV, the results can be catastrophic: not only might they fail to get the treatments they need, but they could unknowingly and unwillingly infect others with the [...]

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