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Defective Medical Devices: DePuy Knee Replacements

DePuy has manufactured medical devices since 1895, and merged with Johnson & Johnson in 1998. It is the second-largest manufacturer of orthopedic devices in the world. Like Stryker Corp., the DePuy Synthes Company also manufacturers hip replacements and devices for those with spinal trauma. Defective Depuy Knee replacements have been recalled. What are the problems [...]

Defective Medical Devices: Medtronic Pain Pumps

A pain pump is the more common name for patient-controlled analgesia (PCA). It is surgically implanted into your lower abdomen, and pushes a set amount of pain killers directly into your cerebrospinal fluid. Because the pain medication enters the fluid around the spinal cord directly, patients usually need a lesser amount of medication than they [...]

FDA Begins Investigations into Power Morcellators

Women throughout the country undergo hysterectomies and fibroid removals every day. But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently decided to schedule a panel advisory meeting about power morcellators, a surgical tool used in laparoscopic gynecological surgeries. This comes after the FDA’s warning in April that the use of such tools in the removal [...]

Determining Who Is Truly Accountable for Malpractice Claims

When attorneys file claims for medical malpractice on behalf of their clients, they often name not only the doctor but also the institution as negligent. But a recent decision by the Court of Appeals of Maryland may put an end to such practices in specific scenarios involving managed care organizations (MCOs) and contractors. The details [...]

Maryland Court of Appeals to Decide if Doctors Are Liable When Patients Are Denied Admittance for Psychiatric Conditions

In 2009, a man named Charles Williams, Jr. was brought to the Peninsula Regional Medical Center by his mother. Charles was behaving oddly, his mother Ginneene Williams said, claiming to be “under a Wiccan curse,” and hearing the voice of God. The 34 year old man also claimed to be suicidal. The staff at the [...]

Ebola Death: Is the Hospital to Blame?

The deadly Ebola virus has made its way to America, and Thomas Eric Duncan has become its first victim. There are a number of news outlets reporting on the death, and CNN has even compiled a list of seven reasons why his case differs from other Ebola cases – and most of those reasons hint [...]

Why Are Doctors Hiding the Truth From Their Patients?

In May of 2007, Esther and Gedalia Applegrad became the proud parents of a baby girl. Their little girl, however, suffered with brain damage and a seizure disorder, which the Applegrads claim is the direct result of mistake made by the doctors. They sued Valley Hospital in Ridgewood for malpractice, and asked the hospital to [...]

Judge Sees the Justice in Awarding Malpractice Victim Full Amount

We write about tort reform and damage caps quite a bit, and how dangerous – and unfair – they are to medical malpractice victims. Recently, a Milwaukee County judge got it right when he declared that the entire $25.3 million dollar award should go to a woman who lost all four limbs as a result [...]

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