The family of Esther Gray is suing ManorCare Health Services-Woodbridge Valley in Catonsville for medical malpractice, claiming their neglect led to the death of the 85 year old patient. In a video that can be described as both heartbreaking and horrifying, Esther Gray is seen and heard moaning and crying out for help while her daughter-in-law begged someone to see to Mrs. Gray. The video lasts for more than an hour; help never came.

CBS Baltimore reports that the lawsuit “also blames Manorcare [sic] for an unexplained fracture in Esther Gray’s left arm and for an unexplained dislocated right arm. Though you can hear Esther moaning clearly in the video, medical records for that same time show staff found no sign of pain and say she was resting well in bed.” The video has been sent to the State Department of Health, whose original review of the circumstances could find no evidence of wrongdoing on behalf of ManorCare.

This is not the first time ManorCare has faced a lawsuit. The Baltimore Sun reports that “the company [has been sued for] provid[ing] medically unnecessary rehabilitation services to Medicare patients.”

The Gray family is seeking $30 million dollars in damages.

The signs of nursing home abuse

The death of Esther Gray is tragic. In her family’s case, they have actual video of Mrs. Gray being neglected and ignored; for most families, this evidence is not available.  Many nursing homes provide exceptional care.  Unfortunately, other nursing homes are not as vigilant when caring for the elderly.  Some of our elderly loved ones are abused and neglected every day without us knowing about it. Learning the signs of nursing home abuse and neglect may help you protect your family member. Be on the lookout for:

  • Bruises, cuts or lacerations, especially around the wrists and ankles, as these may be caused by restraints
  • Changes in your loved one’s personality and behavior, such as a sudden withdrawal from family, depression, moodiness or lethargy
  • Missing sums of money from bank accounts
  • Signs of dehydration or malnutrition, such as skin tightening or puckering, pallor, losing hair, rapid weight loss or bad breath with a sweet tinge to the smell
  • Bedsores
  • Changes in hygiene

The best thing you can do for your family member is to visit often, ask questions and speak to a doctor if you believe something is wrong. By remaining vigilant, you may be able to avoid the same tragedy the Gray family is experiencing.

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